Convert received Bitcoin to USD/EUR

Bitcoin Payment for freelancer

Convert received Bitcoin to USD/EUR/etc

You can simple open any Bitcoin debit card (ANX,WageCan, etc), enabling you to convert Bitcoin from your wallet to CASH which you can withdraw anonymously from ATMs around the world.BTC Debit Card Reviews

Bitcoin to Bank Account

  1. You will need to create an account on any crypto trading platforms (, etc)

  1. Setupso that all your received payments are automatically forwarded from your account to your account on Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc (enter your Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc coin wallet address in gourlpayment box settings). And use the “autosell” feature (auto trade your cryptocoins to USD) on Bitstamp / Poloniex / Bitfinex / etc.

  1. Using that functionality you don’t need to worry if cryptocurrency prices go down or up. Within 1-2 hours after a cryptocoin payment has been received by you, your payment will be automatically converted to USD on Bitstamp / Poloniex / Bitfinex / etc and will be kept on your Bitstamp / Poloniex / Bitfinex / etc USD account.

 1. Later you can withdraw your USD from Bitstamp / Poloniex / Bitfinex / etc to your own USA / UK / France / etc bank account

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